The Little Egg Harbor Municipal Utilities Authority was created through the Township of Little Egg Harbor by Ordinance on January 17, 1972, under Chapter 138 of P.L. 1957 of the State of New Jersey. The Township Committee and the Authority entered into a Service Contract by ordinance and resolution, respectively, on October 19, 1976.

The Authority’s service area is co-terminus with the Township. A potable water supply and distribution system and a wastewater collection system are both owned and operated by the Authority.

The Authority has been in compliance with the safe Drinking Water Act since its inception and has never been cited for any violations. The Clean Water Act of 1987 has never been violated by the Authority.

The Authority’s Commissioners

The Authority consists of five (5) regular and two (2) alternate members who are appointed by the Township Committee for staggered terms of five years. These Commissioners govern the affairs of the Authority. The current Commissioners are:


Joseph Koptic Chairman
Margaret DePergola Vice Chairwoman
Earl Miller Treasurer
Richard Crea Secretary
Richard Robins Acting Treasurer / Alternate No. 1
Marie Skelly Acting Secretary / Alternate No. 2
Eugene Kobryn Commissioner

For a list of Commission meeting dates and time, go to: Board of Commissioners Meeting Dates